Welcome to the Flint Hills Amateur Radio Club!

The club is composed of Amateur Radio Operators in Butler County, KS, and the surrounding area.

Members of the FHARC are dedicated to promoting Amateur Radio as a fun and fulfilling hobby, a valuable learning tool and an essential public service during severe weather and other emergencies.

The club callsign is KB0VAC. This callsign is used to represent the club during Field Day and other special event activities.

FHARC maintains the 147.15 MHz repeater in El Dorado, KS.  The repeater is located 400 feet up on the Butler County Community College campus tower and covers nearly all of Butler County as well as portions of eastern Sedgwick county.  Transmit power is 25 Watts into a DB-224 antenna.

Meetings are held at 7:00pm on the first Tuesday of every month but July.  The location changes frequently, so be sure to check in on the repeater the day of the meeting.  The repeater ID recording will be updated to include the meeting location.  All current (and future!) hams are invited to attend!

Annual membership dues are $15 per individual or $20 for a family.  The dues are used to purchase and maintain club equipment and to fund special events such as Field Day.