Meeting Notes

Highlights of the April 2011 Club Meeting
  • Repeater:  Discussed the performance of the new antenna and options for repairing the old one. Click Here for Antenna Installation Pictures!  Danny has a new backup battery to install.
  • American Legion Bike Ride: Coming up on 4/9. Essentially the same route as the previous Tour de Cure routes, just reversed, and without the Cottonwood Falls leg.
  • Presentation: Danny Craft KC0NXF demonstrated some surface-mount technology (SMT) soldering techniques.

Highlights of the March 2011 Club Meeting

This month's meeting was held at the home QTH of Larry, AB0AH.  The business meeting was followed by a tour of Larry's antique radio collection and an on-air demonstration of a digital mode WSJT on 40m.  Some forms of WSJT have been used in meteor scatter and moon bounce on VHF and UHF for some time, but it has recently been adapted to use on HF.
  • Net Schedule Change (Again):  The monthly Butler County Severe Weather Net has been moved to 6:00 pm on the first Tuesday of each month.

  • Repeater Repairs: The 2m repeater control board is in need of repairs to the voice announcement circuit.  Cliff WA0ROX proposed that the control board from the club's 70cm repeater be installed in the 2m system while the circuit is repaired. The club voted and approved the proposal.  Also, the Hayden tower crew has not yet installed the new 2m antenna.

    Other Announcements:
  • 2011 NWS Storm Spotter Training class will be held Thursday evening March 10th at 6:30pm at the El Dorado Civic Center at Central and Vine.
  • Green Country (Claremore) Hamfest is March 11th and 12th. Details at
  • Four States QRP Group will again be hosting Ozarkon in Branson on April 8th and 9th. Details at Registration is $10.
  • Upcoming Balloon Launch Details:,
  • Some Amateur 70cm (440MHz) spectrum is at risk of FCC reallocation.  Details:

Highlights of the January 2011 Club Meeting

  • 2010 Club Activities:  Activities Coordinator Dick Hammond, N0TGR, passed around the activities sign-up sheet.  The resulting schedule of presenters will be posted here soon.  Thanks to everyone who signed up to give a presentation or organize an event!

  • Net Schedule Change: The regularly scheduled Butler County Severe Weather Nets on the 147.15 repeater have been moved to a monthly schedule rather than a weekly schedule.  The nets will occur on the First Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm, Also, we are encouraging club members to jump in and volunteer to run "Net Control" for these nets over the course of the next year.  A Net Control Sign-Up Form has been created and can be viewed by clicking on the link in the left sidebar.  An example of a Net Control script will also be posted and a link provided.  To sign up, just click on the sign-up form link, and when the "Doodle" page appears, type your name and callsign in the box at the bottom of the left column, then click the box under the date(s) you would like to run the net.  Be sure to click Save when you are done!

  • Bike Ride:  The 2010 Tour de Cure American Diabetes Association bike ride will occur on May 21st.  This year, the ride starts at Sedgwick County Park and extends North and West.  There will be 26, 36, and 60 mile loops, as well as a "Family" ride that will stay in the park.  More information, and pictures from last year's El Dorado area ride are available by clicking this link to the ADA Website.

  • Mark your Calendars! The NWS Storm Spotter Training course for Butler County will be held on March 10th at 6:30 in El Dorado at the Civic Center on the Southeast corner of Central and Vine.  Check this NWS Website for more information.

  • Repeater Repairs:  The tower climbers are expected to swap out our ailing 2m repeater antenna within the next few weeks.  See Pictures of the current antenna by clicking on this link!