Net Control Script Example

This is an example of a script to use when operating as Net Control for routine weekly/monthly Butler County Severe Weather Nets.
This is a work in progress!  Feel free to adjust this in whatever way suits you.  Please send any suggested changes to the script to

Please note that text in << brackets >> is not intended to be read aloud.  This text is provided as guidance or fill-in-the-blank.

Pre-Net Announcement:

The Butler County Area Severe Weather Net net will begin in approximately 3 minutes. This is <<YourCall>>.

Net Script:

This is <<YourCall>> opening the Butler County Area Severe Weather Net on the 147.15 Repeater. This repeater is in El Dorado, KS, and is made available by the Flint Hills Amateur Radio Club.  This will be a directed net. Net control this evening is <<YourCall>>, and my name is <<YourName>>.  <<Break>>

This net is conducted weekly on Tuesdays at 6:00 pm and during significant severe weather events affecting Butler County. This net will accept reports from any amateur radio operator licensed to operate on this frequency.  Tonight’s net is open to all amateurs, and discussion may include not only weather information but any subject of interest to amateur radio operators. <<Break>>

Any stations with emergency or other high-priority traffic please call net control now.

<<Log Emergency/High Priority Traffic>>

We will now begin taking check-ins.  When checking in, please state your callsign, your name, and your location.

Any mobile stations or check-in-only stations, please call now.

<<Log and handle traffic for mobile or check-in stations.>>

We will now take check-ins from any station wanting to join the Butler County Area Severe Weather Net.  Please call Net Control now.

<<Log and handle traffic/discussion for all stations>>

<<Make any announcements or weather briefings you may have (i.e. Hazardous Weather Outlook)>>

<<Ask for any late checkins or comments>>

<<Net Closing Comments, thanks for checking in, etc.>>

This is <<YourCall>> closing the net and returning the repeater to normal use.